Andy Beltz, Physical Therapist, is the owner and creator of fightdizziness.com.  With over 17 years experience primarily treating clients with dizziness and balance disorders, he has worked to create simplified learning experiences for other health care providers.  His training began early in 2000 with a three year mentorship by a local ENT and Audiologist. He also attended and passed two advanced competency vestibular courses at Emory University.  Since then, He has specialized in helping thousands of clients battle disorders causing dizziness at the Aultman Health Foundation in Canton, Ohio.  Since 2001, he has used infrared lenses (device used to study eye movements in the dark) and has been a vestibular specialty clinical instructor/capstone supervisor for 20 PT students in the outpatient setting.  He leads a vestibular rehab observation program that has served over 80 Medical Residents and has taught continuing education courses on vestibular rehabilitation since 2003.  As the principal investigator of his current clinical trial, he has enrolled over 216 clients in his diagnostic accuracy study comparing room light and fixation blocked vestibular tests. He is a mentor for a concussion study being conducted by one of his peers, serves as the chair of Aultman’s Research Council, and is an adjunct faculty member for Aultman’s Research Academy.   He has passed two of Dr. Susan Herdman’s competency based courses (Vestibular Rehab and Vestibular Function Test Interpretation and Application to Rehabilitation).  Mr. Beltz graduated from Bowling Green State University in consortium with The Medical College of Ohio (now University of Toledo) with his bachelor’s degree in physical therapy in 1999. He began working in acute care at Aultman in November of 1999 and has practiced vestibular rehab in all therapy settings. He has been a member of the APTA since 1997.


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