Saturday, September 15, 2018

Top 10 Things To Know About Dizziness

After nearly 19 years of being a vestibular therapist, I had the opportunity to share the top 10 things I wish the community knew about dizziness and balance disorders on the radio!  I had a great time with the kind folks from The Medicine Center Pharmacy and WHBC.  Time flew by and so we didn’t get to clearly state the top 10 list, but we did touch upon most of the items.  The link to the radio show on Facebook live is below.

Health Matters Radio Interview: Andy talks to Nancy and Paul

Here is the Top 10 list:

2018 Health Matters Radio Show 

Top 10 Things I Would Like People Battling Dizziness To Know:

10.  No one knows what “dizzy” means except the person feeling it.  We all speak our own dizzy language.

9.  Being told “You have vertigo” may be confusing.  Vertigo is not a diagnosis.

8.  People with motion sickness or who are highly sensitive may experience dizziness/vertigo differently than others.

7. People are often told there is nothing wrong with their inner ears because they are not being tested when they are dizzy.  

6. Bad inner ears cause unconscious movement control to become conscious.  

5.  A broken ear will cause our eyes to move too much or not enough.

4.  Neuropathy does not get the credit it deserves for causing balance problems.

3.  Most inner ear problems are caused by loose rocks in our heads.  We all have rocks in our heads, but sometimes they get loose.  

2.  Numbness, tingling, weakness, speech problems, etc, are not caused by inner ear problems!

1.Some of the most common problems that cause vertigo can benefit from Vestibular Rehab provided by experienced Physical Therapists.