Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tai Chi for Dizziness and Balance Problems

I am very happy that our team at Aultman Tusc, in Canton, Ohio, is actively engaged in learning and teaching Tai Chi.  We have been certified to teach Tai Chi for Arthritis through Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Health Institute.  The Tai Chi for Arthritis program contains several movement forms that also stimulate the vestibular and other balance systems.  We are already seeing results in people who have multi-factoral dizziness and a variety of sensory processing disorders.  We have been practicing Vestibular Rehabilitation using video eye movement recording devices since 2000 and combine a variety of types of Physical Therapy techniques with vestibular testing and traditional vestibular rehab.  If you have questions, contact me- Andy Beltz, or our team at Aultman Tusc Therapy (330)-363-6215.

Monday, March 4, 2013

What do you mean by dizzy? Over 273 different possible words/phrases.

For years, I have heard people become frustrated when asked what "dizzy" means to them.  Often, many say, "dizzy means dizzy."  As a result of this statement, I thought it would be interesting to keep track of what people battling dizziness tell me when I ask them, "what do you mean by dizzy?"  Here are 273 words/phrases people have recently described to me (Andy Beltz, PT) while practicing vestibular rehabilitation in Canton, Ohio.  

1.     a back and forth thing
2.     a film over my eyes
3.     a wash- it comes
4.     a wash-it comes; shifted
5.     a wiggle
6.     a wooze
7.     abnormal feeling in head
8.     airy
9.     bed is continuing to roll
10. blip
11. blurred vision
12. bobbly thing/bobble head
13. body doesn’t want to go that way
14. bottom dropped out
15. brain doesn’t feel like it is working right
16. brain is cut in half (around circumference of head from eyes down I’m stationary- from eyebrows up it spins and rocks).
17. brain is floating
18. brain is like mush
19. brain is not right
20. brain is waving to the left side of my head
21. brain isn’t there anymore
22. buggy in my head
23. busy up here
24. buzzed; ½ buzzed
25. can’t shut peripheral vision off
26. can’t shut peripheral vision off
27. car lifted then floated (while driving)
28. car sick
29. cloudy/everything is in a cloud
30. cobwebs up there
31. confused
32. cooo cooo cooo cooo
33. could fall
34. could fall off the earth
35. could spin/could get dizzy/about to be dizzy
36. croggy
37. dancing
38. dark and weak
39. discombooberated
40. discomboobled
41. disconnected
42. disorientation
43. doddly
44. don’t know where I’m at
45. doppy
46. dopy
47. drunk
48. empty head
49. equilibrium is off
50. everything is leaving your head
51. everything shifted
52. everything went to the top
53. eyes are all over the place
54. eyes are jerking
55. eyes bobble
56. eyes can’t keep up with head
57. eyes don’t focus
58. eyes rolling around
59. fizzy-like poured 7 up into a glass
60. flighty
61. flipping
62. floatie/floating
63. floor came up at me
64. floor goes down then up
65. flutter in head
66. foggy/a fog
67. full of air up there/air headed
68. funky
69. funny in eyes
70. funny in head
71. fuzzy
72. giddy
73. goofy
74. groggy
75. half spin
76. half way drunk
77. hangover
78. hard to walk straight
79. hazy
80. head bobbing on water
81. head doesn’t know where my feet are
82. head feels like a snow globe
83. head is a bouncy ball
84. head is about to blow/explode
85. head is blowing up then going down
86. head is everywhere
87. head is filled with Jell-O
88. head is filling up
89. head is hard to hold up
90. head is in a drier
91. head is in a fish bowl
92. head is plugged up
93. head is swelled
94. head is tied to a string bouncing like a balloon
95. head movement didn’t match eye movement
96. head on a swivel
97. head rush
98. head wants to take off to the left
99. heavy head
100.        hollow (like it’s)
101.        I can’t focus
102.        I can’t trust myself
103.        I shake all over
104.        I want to take my eyes out and rest them
105.        I’m goofy
106.        I’m not me
107.        I’m not sharp
108.        I’m once removed from the hear and now
109.        I’m somewhere else
110.        I’m way back in here somewhere
111.        if you drink too much
112.        iffy
113.        in a barrel looking out
114.        in a whirlpool
115.        it comes up
116.        it just gets dark
117.        it moves then jumps back
118.        it’s going to flip me/flipping
119.        it’s in my eyes
120.        it’s in the back of my head
121.        jarring everything up and down
122.        jelly head
123.        jerky
124.        just got off tilt a whirl
125.        lightheaded in back of my head
126.        lightheaded: could pass out
127.        lightheaded: off balance
128.        like a beach ball/volleyball
129.        like a hat on my head
130.        like a liquid moving
131.        like a mush ball in there
132.        like a string puppet and somebody cut the strings.
133.        like a television rolling
134.        like a tight rubber band that ‘boing’ knocked me over
135.        like a tornado
136.        like a turd
137.        like a wave/like a wave came in
138.        like a zing
139.        like behind a mirror looking into the room
140.        like I was a liquid
141.        like I was shoved/pushed
142.        like I’m falling
143.        like I’m going to keel over
144.        like in a canister with lots of colors
145.        like in a car that wants to go forward, but wind is pushing it back
146.        like looking at objects far away through a magnifying glass
147.        like my soul was taken out of my body
148.        like on a bullet
149.        like on a tilt of whirl
150.        like on a waterbed
151.        like someone was pulling the hair off my head
152.        like something is crawling around up there
153.        like something is loose in my head
154.        like stop frame photography
155.        like tipped hour glass over and sand coming out
156.        like up 30 stories and could fall, but no loss of balance
157.        little mice in head
158.        looking around a pinwheel
159.        loopy
160.        motion sick
161.        movement in back of my head
162.        nausea
163.        not being myself
164.        not clear headed
165.        not here
166.        not in self
167.        not normal
168.        not right
169.        not spinning, but not stationary
170.        not straight
171.        not sure
172.        nothing is there
173.        numb head
174.        odd feelings
175.        odd sensation in head
176.        off
177.        off balance
178.        off center
179.        off kilter
180.        off my game
181.        on a boat
182.        on a dock
183.        on a string dangling
184.        on a tilt a whirl and unable to get off
185.        one side is lower than the other
186.        oozie
187.        out of it
188.        out of sorts with the world
189.        outside looking in
190.        perception looking at things way off
191.        perception looking at things way off
192.        pressure in ear
193.        pressure in eyes/behind eyes
194.        pressure in head
195.        pulling to the right/left
196.        quick flick
197.        rest of the world turns after me
198.        rolling down a hill
199.        room circles around
200.        room goes a different direction
201.        room is flashing around
202.        room is rolling
203.        room is shifting/moving
204.        scrolling
205.        sensation of movement
206.        shaking back and forth
207.        shhhh (small as it comes from my neck into my head it increases)
208.        shifty/shifting
209.        shut down in here
210.        slightest movement is magnified 40 times
211.        sloshing; glass of water swishing around
212.        someone grabbed my head and went ‘bam’ and shook it
213.        someone pushed me down/pushed down
214.        someone/something cracked my head then I spin
215.        something closed in on my head
216.        something running in my head
217.        spacy
218.        spinning: self, room, world, inside, outside
219.        squirrely
220.        staggery
221.        strange
222.        stuffy
223.        surge- body going forward then backward
224.        swimming in my head/swimmy
225.        swirling
226.        teeter tottering
227.        temptation to throw myself off the bed
228.        tend to go to the right/left
229.        that sensation
230.        there’s nothing there
231.        things jogging back and forth
232.        things spiral around
233.        tight band around my head
234.        tilt a whirl
235.        tipsy
236.        too much blood in my head
237.        top heavy
238.        topsy turvy
239.        tumbling
240.        tumbling-things tumble
241.        turning over
242.        twirly
243.        uneasiness
244.        uneven
245.        unsteady
246.        unsure
247.        vvvvvvvvv
248.        wacko
249.        waddling
250.        walking on a boat
251.        walking on clouds
252.        walking on egg shells
253.        walking on ice
254.        walls falling down/in on me
255.        wave passes over
256.        wavering
257.        waving/head waving
258.        weave back and forth
259.        weavy
260.        weightless in water
261.        weird things/just kinda weird
262.        wheezy
263.        whish
264.        whoa moments
265.        whoo: whoo hooo
266.        window on top of bed on top of me and curtains are on top of me
267.        wobbly
268.        wompy
269.        wonky
270.        woooosh
271.        wooze/woozy/a wooze
272.        world moving without me
273.        wrapped around a rocket in 2D and 3D spinning and going forward