Saturday, February 4, 2012

Autoimmune disorders and the inner ear

I am noticing that clients battling one or more autoimmune disorders who are struggling with dizziness may tend to share the following characteristics:
  1. Drop attacks/Tumarkin's Syndrome/Otolith Crisis: I have recently had a few individuals with autoimmune disorders report feeling like they are being thrown or shoved to the ground. 
  2. More unstable and unpredictable spells of dizziness than someone battling a vestibular problem because of a virus, aging or blood flow compromise.
  3. When battling BPPV, repositioning maneuvers may not work as quickly.  BPPV may recur more frequently.  Post maneuver restrictions may be more necessary for these individuals than for individuals battling BPPV from other causes.
Dr. Timothy Hain shares a lot of valuable information about autoimmune disorders and the inner ear here:

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