Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vestibular dysfunction is a process

that may occur over time.  There are some who experience vestibular dysfunction once or twice over the period of several years while there are others who battle the problem much more often.   When it comes to helping these individuals, I believe we need to be careful how we educate people regarding what they should expect for the future.  Sometimes I think looking at vestibular dysfunction one day in the clinic may be like looking at a digital picture of the following:

Snow: is it melting or freezing?
(Is the inner ear in the process of getting worse or better?)

Rain: just began or stopping?
(Is the inner ear problem at it's early stage or is it almost done running its course?)

Building being built: is it a home or office (Is the inner ear problem BPPV or is it signs of Menieres, Vascular Insufficiency or Autoimmune Dysfunction?)

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