Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Top Interests In Vestibular Rehabilitation for 2011

Here are some of my greatest contemplated topics in vestibular rehab for 2011:
1.  HINTS to diagnose stroke
2.  Pseudospontaneous nystagmus
3.  Multicanal BPPV treatment
4.  Implications of GERD, Panic Attacks, History of Syncope when treating clients with BPPV
5.  Secondary BPPV
6.  Stages of BPPV: Dumping, Dumped and Recovery
7.  Motion Sickness and BPPV
8.  Vertebral Artery Dissection prediction
9.  Migraine and other central causes of dizziness
10.  Timing of vestibular rehabilitation and neck therapy working with clients with dizziness.
11.  Over 200 words used to describe dizziness
12.  Nystagmus suppression during normal activities of daily living
13.  Spatial disorientation training in younger and older adults
14  Tai Chi to help teach people to relax when off balance
15.  Many balance disorders seem to manifest themselves in hyperactive balance performance
16.  Imagination, memory and central preprogramming in clients with dizziness
17.  Post Concussion Syndrome in the elderly
18.  The Highly Sensitive Person with vestibular dysfunction
19.  Cardiovascular causes of central and/or peripheral vestibular dysfunction
20   Vestibular Rehab as an examination tool
21.  Evaluating the vestibular system using the video eye movement recording device over time to track changes in vestibular function
22.  Toxic, metabolic and hormonal causes of peripheral and central vestibular dysfunction
23.  Sensory processsing disorders in the adult

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