Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sometimes you have to use a cane

to make it through an acute vestibular attack.  Many of my clients believe they are "giving up" if they use a cane.  However, I believe if an individual is battling an inner ear problem that has not yet been corrected and they are having a difficult time walking safely, they should use a cane.  I think of a cane for a person with a vestibular problem like crutches for a person who broke their leg.  A person who brakes their leg will be able to quit using crutches once the leg has healed.  Once an individual's inner ear has healed, oftentimes they will be able to walk without a cane.

If an individual is not sure whether or not they should use a cane, physical therapists are trained in assesing fall risk.  They may use tests to help them determine whether or not a cane is needed.  Some of the tests used may be the Berg Balance Test, the Timed Up and Go and the Functional Gait Assessment.

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