Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just Bring It!!

There comes a time in some of our lives where we have to get...kinda crazy and say, "JUST BRING IT!"  There are fears that hold us down, prior failures that keep us caged.  Sometimes bad memories of things that happend years ago cause us to experience the same terrible event daily. 

When dizziness strikes, many have a hard time forgetting what they felt.  Sometimes it never goes away.  When it hangs around, it can punish an individual every time they move.  If individuals who are battling dizziness have been cleared by their Doctors and they are terrified of moving for fear the problem could become worse, there may be a time when they need to dive into that sensation. 

I have witnessed amazing progress in people who develop somewhat of a crazy mentality of, "It's good to be dizzy" and they look forward to feeling the problem.  These individuals adapt a "just bring that dizziness my way and I will crush it" mentality.   It's amazing to witness the transformation in these individuals lives.

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