Wednesday, September 7, 2011

But....I was told my inner ear is fine!

What are the benefits of vestibular rehabilitation?
The most obvious benefit we see daily is that many people battling dizziness from vestibular problems experience significant relief from their dizziness quickly. Health care providers who specialize in vestibular rehab are able to help determine the presence of a vestibular problem and provide individuals with education regarding why they are dizzy and how they can receive help.

But... I was told I don't have an inner ear problem!
Another benefit of vestibular rehabilitation is that the vestibular rehab specialist will, often times, be able to examine the client with dizziness on "dizzy days."  Too often, people are told there is nothing wrong with their inner ears for the following reason: the day their inner ears were tested was on a day when they were not dizzy and the problem, at that moment, was stable. Health care providers trained in using a video eye movement recorder can usually get a person with dizziness in quickly to see them and it sometimes only takes a few moments with a few simple tests to determine the presence of a vestibular problem on a "dizzy day".


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