Monday, May 23, 2011

Dizziness and phrases of anticipation: What might they mean?

"What do you mean by dizzy?"  To answer this question, I have often heard clients use phrases and words like the following: 

"I'm about to become dizzy"
"Am I going to get it?"
"I could become dizzy"
"It’s going to come on" (but doesn’t)
"Like, ok, maybe"
"I might get dizzy"
"I may become dizzy"

Clients who make these statements have a sense that something is about to happen in relation to their dizziness, but then they do not actually experience their familiar sense of dizziness.  Why do clients have these feelings of anticipation?  I hypothesize that it could be any of the following reasons:
       ·       Problem is in remission, but brain doesn’t know it (need compensation)
·       Problem present, but:
o   You are in the early stages of the problem returning
o   You are in the late stages of the problem going away
o   You are having the same problem as before, but not as severe
·       Avoidance; not moving enough to stimulate the problem


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